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The Parker Duofold is a pen of exceptional character and distinctive appearance, exuding the quality and luxury of outstanding craftsmanship. Timeless and classic, the Parker Duofold is a rare and precious luxury.

This pen was introduced into the Parker range in 1921. The Parker Duofold platinum trim is  available in three modes, i.e. fountain pen, roller ball and ball pen. The Parker Duofold is the ultimate Parker Pen gift. It is truly the most luxurious Parker Pen and the ultimate in writing and class. The Parker Duofold Pen carries the highest status.

Born in the age of Jazz and Art Deco, this pen embodies the feel of the roaring twenties, big, bold and jazzy.

Please note that the Parker Duofold is also available in the Black with Gold trim in all four modes,i.e. Duofold Parker fountain pen, Duofold Parker roller pen, Duofold Parker ball pen and Duofold Parker pencil.


Parker Duofold Black Platimun Trim Ball Pen

Duofold Pen

Parker Duofold Black Platimun Trim Fountain Pen

Duofold Pen

Parker Duofold Black Platimun Trim Roller Ball Pen

Duofold Pen