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The Parker Sonnet Pen is an exceptionally smart pen.  After the Duofold Pen, the Sonnet is the second in top of the Parker Pen range. The most popular pen in the Sonnet range is the Stainless Steel Chrome Trim Pen.

The Parker Sonnet is a pen for those who love to write, it represents timeless elegance in a definitive Parker style. An accessory expressing self-confidence. Available in all four modes, i.e. fountain pen, roller ball, ball pen and pencil. . The Parker Sonnet Pen range is another stunning option to choose from. Please note that the full range of Sonnet Parker Pens that we offer are the following; Parker Sonnet Cisele Gold Trim, Parker Sonnet Chiselled Chocolate, Parker Sonnet Chiseled Carbon, Parker Sonnet Gold Lustre, Parker Sonnet Silver Lustre, Parker Sonnet Lacque Deep Black, Parker Sonnet Lacque Deep Blue, Parker Sonnet Lacque Deep Red, Parker Sonnet Matte Black,Parker Sonnet Stainless Steel Gold Trim, Parker Sonnet Stainless Steel with Gold Trim, Parker Sonnet Matte Black with Chrome Trim. The ballpoint pens come in sizes standard, slim, mini and monobloc. 

Those who choose this pen are discerning and know style and excellence in a pen.

Branding: We do not recommend any engraving on the Parker Sonnet Pen

Parker Sonnet Cisele Gold Trimmed Fountain Pen

Fountain Pen

Parker Sonnet Matte Black Gold Trimmed Roller Ball

Matt Black

Parker Sonnet Stainless Steel Gold Trim Ball Pen

Ball Pen

Parker Sonnet Stainless Steel Silver Trim Pencil

Stainless Steel Silver Trim Pencil